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What do I Need to Know to
Practice in NY?
2 Lecture Credits Course
Judith Shub, Ph.D
Ethics & Jurisprudence
for the Dental Practitioner
3 Lecture Credit Course +
5 Bonus MCE
Dr. Frederick More; Carla Hogan, JD; Lance Plunkett, JD,
Infection Control and
Hazard Communication
4 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Betsy Riccio
Oral Cancer: Prevention
and Early Detection  
4 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Alexander Ross Kerr
A Guide for Risk
Assessment &
Antimicrobial for Dental
3 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Frank Carberry
Common Psychoactive
Drugs: Implications for
Oral Health
1 Lecture Credit Course
Sharon Stancliff, M.D.
Understanding Your
Patients' Dental Benefits  
2 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Ian Lerner
In-Office Mouthguards  
2 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Elvir Dincer and Salim Rayman, RDH, MPA
Oral Health Care during
Pregnancy and Early
2 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Juan E. Lopez-Rosario
Oral Cancer: Detecting &
Managing Oral Precancer
2 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Alexander Ross Kerr and
Brian Schmidt, DDS, MD. PhD, FACS
Pediatric Behavior
Management Techniques
4 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Doron Kochman
Stem Cells: Emerging
Medical and Dental
Dental Professional
4 Lecture Credit Course
Dr. Gregory Chotkowski
Pediatric Dentistry for the
General Dentist
3 Lecture Credits Course
Dr. Juan E. Lopez-Rosario
Xerostomia: Diagnosis
and Management in
Dental Practice
2 Lecture Credits
Elvir Dincer D.D.S.,
alim Rayman, R.D.H.,M.P.A.,
Khalid Almas, B.D.S., M.Sc.
Risk Management
4 Lecture Credits
Sponsored by the New York State Dental Association
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